Tuesday, January 22, 2008

US Government Behavior Modification Efforts During 1970's Deemed to Violate Individual Rights: Are the European Union and United Nations Headed There?

Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification; A Study Prepared by the Staff of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, Second Session

Published November 1974


This report responds to a directive issued to the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights to conduct an investigation into behavior modification programs, with particular emphasis on the federal government's involvement in the technology of behavior control and the implications of this involvement for individual rights.

Two basic considerations motivated the investigation: first, the concern that the rights of human subjects of behavioral research are sufficiently protected by adequate guidelines and review structures; and second, the question of whether the federal government has any business participating in programs that may alter the substance of individual freedom.

Although the material included in this report is by no means comprehensive, some initial findings are apparent: (1) there is widespread and growing interest in the development of methods designed to predict, identify, control, and modify individual behavior; (2) few measures are being taken to resolve questions of freedom, privacy, and self-determination; (3) the Federal government is heavily involved in a variety of behavior modification programs ranging from simple reinforcement techniques to psychosurgery; and (4) a number of departments and agencies fund, participate in, or sanction research involving various aspects of behavior modification.

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Anonymous said...

It's rather unfortunate that a country which prides itself on the notion of freedom then turns around and violates human rights this way.

There is at least one experiment that is ongoing - my family and I have been victimized by it. I can say that it started at least in the late 60s so it's not anything under MK Ultra but certainly it appears to be a behavior modification program using the nastiest of tactics and the most unethical form of involuntary experimentation.

Unfortunately much of what is on the internet about it is disinformation and lies - much in the same way that MK Ultra became mythologized. I'm sure that this is done intentionally.

I don't care about the researchers and their functionalist mentality. I think the whole thing is beyond disgusting. I prefer to go somewhere where I won't or can't be victimized by this. It's not up to me to fix the US, it's up to me to survive and my daughter and I won't survive here in any way that is meaningful, pleasant or interesting to me.

For anyone interested in fixing this - look at loopholes in Federal laws. The Common Rule is obviously being violated, but there is also the problem that non-federally funded research is not subject to the Common Rule. That means that corporations might violate human rights. The fact that I have a case at the State Attorney's Office and that they have taken a role in the experimentation rather than providing justice for a rather "easy" case implicates "government" coverup regarless of who is funding it. Next, most states do not have specific laws against involuntary human experimentation. New York Public Health Law 2441-2 appears to be the strongest. Finally, there are agencies that are not bound by the Common Rule anyway - it's not across the board.

The other problem with this disgusting and immoral behavior is that victims are shoved off into certain politics by pseudo-victims. Libertarian/Republican/Tea Party will not resolve the problem. Even if they ask for smaller government, those parties are associated with deregulation. Deregulation, lack of oversight and typical American hypocrisy and arrogance are at the very root of the problem. This is not about civil liberties - this is about human rights.